Piano, Theory and Aural comprehension:

All students who wish to refine their technique in a mindful way, develop creativity, musicianship skills and stylistically wide-ranging repertoire, are encouraged to apply. Those wishing to participate in ABRSM, NYSSMA, prepare for recitals, juries, auditions, festivals and competitions are welcome in my studio, as are those who wish to further their study for their own enjoyment.

Piano lessons at early levels, are designed to develop overall musicality and solid technique, free of tension; and a wide exposure to stylistically varied repertoire from Baroque to contemporary.

Beginners and early intermediates, are offered the following courses, that could either be incorporated in the piano class, or offered separately, depending on the student’s needs : theory, aural comprehension, solfege, rhythmic training, melodic dictation, basic composition, sight-reading and ensemble playing.

Late intermediates and advanced students’ lesson plan will be tailored according to their particular needs. Performance practice, stylistic understanding, structural analysis and a wide range of sound palette will be developed. Technical refinement is based on body awareness, incorporating the principle of the Alexander Technique, that allows the student to develop a natural and effortless technique, free of unnecessary tension.

At all levels, encouraging the creative impulse of each student, while developing musical and technical skills to allow them to become independent thinkers and critical listeners; as well as, helping each student define and achieve his/her full artistic potential and aspirations, are my aim.



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