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When my son first started to learn piano, the teacher just focused on the basic skills. But when we found Karine, she not only taught technique, but also the real music, the kind that comes from the heart. She is enthusiastic, patient, professional and motivates her students. I am very happy to have her teach my son.

Ping Chen


There are people who simply teach and there are people who thrive on inspiring and mentoring. 

Our daughter has been lucky to have Karine guide her through learning to play and appreciate piano and music in general since she was 8 years old. 

Karine is not only knowledgeable, she is passionate about her craft and patient in guiding her students to success. 

During the uncertain times of the pandemic, we were lucky to have the ability to continue lessons remotely, and it was so beneficial to have a consistency in an otherwise unstable world. Even with limited resources, we are so proud to see our daughter make the progress that she has made under Karine’s guidance. 

True testament to Karine’s dedication as a mentor and as a wonderful human. 

Investment well worth the effort!

Natalia Kowal


Karine has been my daughter’s piano teacher for nearly two years, and we have seen a considerable improvement in her playing during that time. What I am most impressed with is how well Karine balances the rigor of her lessons and her warm approach in her teaching. She is highly technical in her teaching and can easily assess a student’s strengths and the areas that need improvement. 

This year specifically, she has made the transition to remote instruction seamless. My daughter continues to thrive and improve her playing. 

I highly recommend Karine with no reservation. She is an accomplished pedagogue who goes above and beyond for her students. 

Aida Z. – F.H.


Ms. Karine has been teaching my son Danny for 5 years. As Danny said “She is a dedicated, supportive teacher who always delivers instructive and engaging lessons to students. 

She brings her students up to a high level of not only musical skill, but an understanding and enjoyment of the music that enhances their performance radically. ”  

Ellen C.


Karine has been teaching my 9-year-old Maya piano and the foundations of music for more than 4 years.

Maya’s progress far exceeded my expectations. While she is very methodical in her lesson plans, at the same time, she turns the lessons into fun and exciting musical experience for the student.

Twice a year, Karine organizes student recitals at Steinway Hall in NY. These recitals are the highlights of the year! My daughter really enjoys performing in front of a large audience and it is a wonderful experience for parents and relatives to witness the growth and progress students make between recitals. The confidence my daughter has built with each successful performance has enabled her to play in front of 300 people.

I highly recommend Karine Koroukian as a piano pedagogue.

Dmitri G. – Brooklyn, NY

I have known Ms. Koroukian for almost five years. My daughters have thrived under her tutelage. She is unique in many ways, but most pronounced is her profound sense of professionalism. She instills in her charges a tremendous dedication and musicality and inspires them to push themselves…

The second way in which her instruction is uniquely valuable is that it is broad. There is music theory, music history, solfège – even composition. I am additionally tremendously grateful for the care she takes to make sure her pupils are ergonomically postured from the start.

I recommend Ms. Koroukian without reservation.


R. H. – Kew Gardens, NY


Dear Karine,

thank you so much for not only teaching Stephanie music and piano but also giving her inspiration.

A.H. – Forest Hills


Thank you for teaching me and for never letting me forget that music is a gift. I can’t express in words how grateful I am and how honored I am to call myself your student. Without you constantly pushing me and never letting me give up, this acceptance would not be possible…

J. M. – Forest Hills, NY
(Former student, a current music student at Berklee University.)



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