Mission Statement

I believe in a musical education that elevates and refines one’s musical taste, encourages exploration of sound and exposure to all types of musical genres with an open-minded approach.

I aim to develop independent and critical thinkers, versatile musicians who are always in search of beauty and meaning and the urge of communicating it with an audience.

At all levels, solid, but mindful and tension free technique will be developed. At early stages, rudiments of music will be incorporated in the lesson, to develop musicianship. These include, theory, solfege, dictation, rhythmic training, basic composition, sight reading and duet playing.

At advanced levels, in-depth structural analysis will be incorporated in the lesson plan, and a broad range of repertoire, performance practice and refinement of technique will be at the core of my approach.

Whether it is intended for long term musical education; or well defined goals, such as: exams, auditions, competitions or festival participation; pursuit of professional career or personal enjoyment, the curriculum will be tailored according to your own specific needs.

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